What We Do

We provide consulting services focused on IT security. From ethical hacking services, consulting on IT security and training, we make sure your business is properly protected. Many people thought that once companies implemented anti-virus and a firewall, problems would simply go away and eventually security wouldn’t be a concern. However, this situation is far from reality. The truth? Viruses, phishing attacks, hacking and corporate data theft is on the rise.

Just turn on the TV or read the business newspapers each day and you will see that theft of credit card information, customer records and computer security threats are continuing to rise. Today, business must be on the offensive to make sure their businesses are properly protected. This is where your team of IT security specialists at Secure IT Solutions will help you.

Take a proactive approach to your IT Security.

Many people never consider hiring an IT security expert until the need arises. We all see a doctor when we are sick, a lawyer when we are in legal trouble, and an accountant when the “tax man” comes calling. Using this same logic, why wouldn’t you use an unbiased IT security consultant when critical security decisions or evaluations need to be made?

Our team of professional IT security consultants ensures that your business is properly protected from the threats that exist online and throughout your business network. We make sure that the proper security systems are in place, making sure all your critical business data is safe. Our team also focuses on your people, keeping them out of harm’s way from virus attacks, phishing and other social engineering threats. We also make sure everyone is properly trained to recognize what is a threat to the business and what items are legit business communications.

Secure IT Solutions’ team of computer security experts can help you:

  • Perform comprehensive information security audits
  • Run ethical hacking services ensuring your business is protected
  • Recover quickly from virus and worm attacks
  • Set up firewalls and perimeter protection
  • Set up secure wireless networks
  • Configure safe techniques for remote users and mobile access
  • Deploy software for protection against viruses, spam, and directory harvest attacks
  • Develop an IT security strategy with round-the-clock monitoring
  • Provide onsite and remote service
  • Forensics
  • Compliance (SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI)

Managing and coordinating virus protection, detection and defense along with the recovery of critical systems requires an ongoing effort that entails a variety of tools, rules, and policies. Secure IT Solutions will aid you at any level in your efforts to protect your business networks and corporate information, from security audits to creating a comprehensive security strategy.

Secure IT Solutions offers only the best IT security services to help businesses across the Philippines set up and keep up secure networks based on best practices and proven security solutions.

  • Security Audits and IT Strategy
  • Prevention
  • Virus Removal
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Outsourcing Spam Blocking and Virus Protection
  • Additional Firewall and VPN Solutions